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I'm 26. Graduated in Media Communications in Maribor, Slovenia. Got a title which cannot be translated. Continued with a study of Communication Design in Graz, Austria. Now Master of Arts in Arts and Design. Minimalist. Currently working as a graphic & media designer for Die Grazer Grünen.


FZS golden medal "Foto mladih 2009" | Third place "KJŠ" 2011 | Das Festival der Kulturen in Germany, 2012 | First place UNESCO 2014 for the best photo of natural and cultural heritage | Third place "100 podob Panonskega užitka", 2015 | Best film by audience, Student Cuts, 2015 | Acknowledgment for outstanding student contribution 2014/2015, FERI Maribor | FZS silver medal "Slovenska pregledna razstava", 2016 | First place for a poster design for 11. V:NM Festival for new, improvised & experimental music in Graz, Austria, 2017 | First prize "S knjigo", Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana, 2017 | One of the finalists at "Natečaj poletne zgodbe," 2017, Canon Slovenia | One of the finalists at photo contest "Podnebna pot", 2018 | Golden medal FZS "Miniature 2018" | Golden FIAP medal "Miniature 2018" | First prize photo contest "Pogled 2018" - topic Architecture | Student winner of the Creative Communication Award, 2019.

  • First solo exhibition, Grad Negova, 2018.
  • Second solo exhibition hopefully in 2021.
Girl in a library

Experience & Collaboration


Curator in a Photogallery Stolp, Maribor, 2014 |Photographer for a recipe booklet “Kruh Slaščice” – Radenska d.d. 20.000 copies, 2015|Photographer for a student veterinary magazine Ructus, 2015 |Graphic designer & photographer for a project Vzhodna.si, Maribor, 2016 |Watch photography, Shore Projects, England, 2016 |Tester of websites and applications, Tovarna idej, Maribor, 2016 | Featured on Design Seeds: The sea & Color Sea & Heavenly Hues & Spuled Hues & Color View & Foggy Tones & Color Gaze & Wanderlust Hues & Color Struck & Starry Hues|Featured in Color Almanac vol. iv, Design Seeds, 2017 |Graphic designer for a 11. V:NM Festivala v Grazu, Austria, 2o17 |Photographer of a first and second event Cars&Coffee in Slovenia, 2017 & 2018 |Watercolor artist - designing a bamboo cup, Sorger, Avstrija, 2018|Graphic designer for Die Grazer Grünen, 2019 - now|Graphic designer for Die Grünen Steiermark, 2019 |Designer and photographer for a wall calendar 2020 for Društvo za zaščito živali Pomurja, 2019 |Watercolor artist for a Sorger Magazine, 2019.



“Pa daaaj. Jaz se bom poročila samo zato, da lahko tebe najamem.


"C'mooon. I will marry someone just so I can have you as a photographer.”