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Do you want to know me better? Do you want to go for a coffee with soy milk? Do you want to eat some ramen? Do you want to meet my dog (he probably won't like you)? Do you want me to make memories for you? Then send me a message!

Hey you.

I'm Maruša. Graduated in Media Communications in Maribor, Slovenia. Got a title which cannot be translated. Continued with a study of Communication Design in Graz, Austria. Now Master of Arts in Arts and Design. Minimalist. Currently working as a graphic & media designer for die Grazer Grünen & die Grünen Steiermark.


FZS golden medal "Foto mladih 2009" | Third place "KJŠ" 2011 | Das Festival der Kulturen in Germany, 2012 | First place UNESCO 2014 for the best photo of natural and cultural heritage | Third place "100 podob Panonskega užitka", 2015 | Best film by audience, Student Cuts, 2015 | Acknowledgment for outstanding student contribution 2014/2015, FERI Maribor | FZS silver medal "Slovenska pregledna razstava", 2016 | First place for a poster design for 11. V:NM Festival for new, improvised & experimental music in Graz, Austria, 2017 | First prize "S knjigo", Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana, 2017 | One of the finalists at "Natečaj poletne zgodbe," 2017, Canon Slovenia | One of the finalists at photo contest "Podnebna pot", 2018 | Golden medal FZS "Miniature 2018" | Golden FIAP medal "Miniature 2018" | First prize photo contest "Pogled 2018" - category Architecture | Student winner of the Creative Communication Award, 2019 | Third place in the category Single Capture, International Wedding Photographer of the Year, 2021

  • First solo exhibition, Grad Negova, 2018.
  • Second solo exhibition hopefully in 2024.
Girl in a library

Experience & Collaboration


Curator in a Photogallery Stolp, Maribor, 2014 |Photographer for a recipe booklet “Kruh Slaščice” – Radenska d.d. 20.000 copies, 2015|Photographer for a student veterinary magazine Ructus, 2015 |Graphic designer & photographer for a project Vzhodna.si, Maribor, 2016 |Watch photography, Shore Projects, England, 2016 |Tester of websites and applications, Tovarna idej, Maribor, 2016 | Featured on Design Seeds: The sea & Color Sea & Heavenly Hues & Spuled Hues & Color View & Foggy Tones & Color Gaze & Wanderlust Hues & Color Struck & Starry Hues|Featured in Color Almanac vol. iv, Design Seeds, 2017 |Graphic designer for a 11. V:NM Festivala v Grazu, Austria, 2o17 |Photographer of a first and second event Cars&Coffee in Slovenia, 2017 & 2018 |Watercolor artist - designing a bamboo cup, Sorger, Avstrija, 2018|Graphic designer for Die Grazer Grünen, 2019 - now|Graphic designer for Die Grünen Steiermark, 2019 |Designer and photographer for a wall calendar 2020 for Društvo za zaščito živali Pomurja, 2019 |Watercolor artist for a Sorger Magazine, 2019.