This was one of the hardest but also the most productive projects, I decided to create in 2016. I took one photo

e v e r y. s i n g l e. d a y.

It boosted my creativity, tested my nerves and helped me understand what I love about photography. It showed me my greatest weakness and taught me how to become a better photographer. I spent hours every day, to think of something new, I didn't cheat and didn't give up. After four years I am still proud of myself. I gathered the best photos from this project (not chronological). Now I know that 2016 was a big year for me, full of changes and possibilities. It has shaped me. I left Slovenia and moved to Graz, started studying design and painting with watercolours. It was also the last year that I spent with my first dog. On the first day of 2017 she left this world and I am grateful that I have so many photos of her because of this project. You never know which photo will be the last memory.

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