Invitations with photos are very popular, as they can be reused in many ways. Our journey starts with a concept, following with a photo-shooting and designing a card for different occasions.

Invitation |1st Birthday Party for a boy

Invitation for a 1st Birthday Party, designed as a post card with the unique photos. Fresh, minimalistic style & a playful story.

Frontpage: Combination of a photo & design. Look, I have balloons! (picture of a boy holding the balloons)

Second page: On *this date* I'm going to share them with you! (photo of a boy 'counting' balloons)

Invitation | 1st Birthday party for a girl

Frontpage: Selected photo from a photo-shooting - in a fine art quality, printed by Artbook Print. Invitation with a photo is not just an invitation, is much more. It remains a memory and can be put in a photo album etc.

Second page: Combination of hand-drawn watercolor flowers.

Fotografije prvi rojstni dan
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