My poster design for 11. V:NM Festival won a competition at the FH Joanneum (2017) - it was chosen to represent the 11. V:NM Festival for new, improvised & experimental music.

Concept: the inspiration was the music itself. While listening to the Austrian Improvisers Orchestra I decided to put the song into a sound equalizer program. I took one second of the sound equalizer and vectorized it - this is how I got the squares. Because the improvised music is far from being consistent & reproducible, I 'destroyed' the equalizer graph. The squares started to show a different story; an extraordinary story full of small irregularities - like the music itself.

Why is this poster special? It offers an invertible usage - white background with red squares and red background with white squares.

V:NM poster experimental music Austria design sound equalizer
Revert design poster for V:NM Musik Verein

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