I first met Tanja on a hot summer day. We ordered coffee which was way too sweet and she told me everything about her idea. I loved it immediately. The product she had in mind was perfect - natural, zero waste, vegan and cute. I was honored that she asked me for a collaboration. But I had no clue what was ahead of us. Aromica became my biggest project till now. It took me more than 6 months to finalise the corporate identity, creating a logo, pick the colors, fonts, create a strategy, design the label & brochure, illustrate little elements, help with packaging, create a website with a shop, take photos, gifs, films and start our story on social media. What a journey! I enjoyed every second of it. I loved seeing how Aromica was slowly receiving its identity and becoming what it is today. A Slovenian, sustainable and environmentally friendly brand. Elegant but playful.

Aromica is an innovative air freshener made only of natural elements. It's reusable and convenient - she can go everywhere with you. Check it out aromica.si & Instagram & Facebook! I would love to hear your opinion about it.

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