New thing: recaps

I started it on Instagram but I decided they also need a place on my website - recaps. Because I rarely show you what I am actual doing I created monthly reviews where you can see my latest work. Here is the first one - August 2020. August was amazing but pretty tiring. I would love to thank you for ordering gift vouchers. In August I shot one emotional family reunion, one very special wedding, one powerful maternity, some personal projects, rescue animals for calendar 2021 for Društvo za zaščito živali Pomurja, I started one big design project and designed wedding invitations, menu & everything that goes along with it and had the most amazing family photoshooting. I am the most grateful for my loyal couples who are trusting me over and over again from the very start. I made mistakes and grew as a photographer with them but they never doubted in me. And now I know that their special moments aren't just theirs.