October review

Monthly review number III. My October? Editing, editing, editing, editing. It's a love-hate relationship. I am currently trapped in Austria, I started listening to Christmas songs and I shot a Halloween wedding! After months of work I finally finished the calendar for Društvo za zaščito živali Pomurja - it's already printed! I try to do one charitable work pro year and I really hope I will help many animals with this calendar. I shot a few weddings and there was one I was really looking forward to. Everything was perfectly planned - a photographer's dream. And then the new regulations came out ONE day before the wedding. They had to cancel everything. It was heart breaking but they still managed to have an intimate wedding which was so full of emotions, warmth and gratitude. Amore is powerful and this couple can definitely survive anything. I tried something different on their wedding - portraying current wedding situation. I think you will find the photo. Another interesting shooting was for Herbersteinova klet - promotional photos for wine & more for their webpage. And the last thing - a Halloween wedding. When America meets Europe. She is from Austria, he comes from Utah. They met in New Zealand, we were classmates in Graz and I cried during they ceremony.

That's all folks. Thank you for your time. When I started everything I didn't have a clue how hard it will actually be. I am lucky that I still have work. Thank you for supporting small businesses.