Steiermark Hochzeit Kitzeck im Sausal / when Europe meets America

He is from Utah, she comes from Austria. They fell in love in New Zealand and moved together to Graz ... Their love story is extraordinary and you can feel that it was destined to happen, they said yes on a sunny autumn day in 2020. The traditional Austrian dress combined with small American details made this elopement so special and quite different from any other wedding. We saw the world's largest klopotec (btw, did you know that the word "Klopotetz" is one of the rare words that the Germans took from Slovene?), enjoyed the most fabulous autumn views in Steiermark and live-streamed the wedding so that M's parents could watch the wedding in America in the middle of the night. I've heard the most beautiful vows, cried during their ceremony and enjoyed every second of this special day. I cannot describe how honoured I am every time someone decides to put their memories in my hand. Thank you J&M.