Well, after every wedding I say - that was the most beautiful wedding ever. But I am still speechless after this elopement (which is btw a secret wedding). It was the most real, raw, touching, genuine and intimate wedding I had the opportunity to shot. I had to hide it for a few months and even when I went to Scotland I wasn't allowed to post anything on social media. I became a pro in hiding and most of my Instagram followers thought, I was flying to Iceland. I wasn't just a photographer, I was also a "bestman" on their wedding and afterwards we decided to travel around Scotland and Isle of Skye. We caught a rainbow, swum in the cold sea, ate many hot soups, saw the Elisabeth II who waved to us, talked to the sheep, drove on the false side of the road, took too many photos, stole the wedding flowers and almost won a karaoke competition. Guess which statement is false. I cannot tell you how much I love these photos and how much I appreciate the fact that they chose me. Me! To take these special memories for them. S & T, I hope you won't ever have to listen to the pipes again.